Wedding and Engagement Rings

Whether you have something very specific in mind, wish to incorporate an heirloom gem, or want a completely original design, we can work with you to make it happen. Get started.

ADELE Engagement Ring: ethically-sourced sapphire Asscher-cut, baguette diamonds, and 18k white gold

CLAIRE Engagement Ring: ethically-sourced green sapphire oval-cut, pavé diamonds, 18k white gold.

JILL Engagement Ring: ethically-sourced diamond round-cut and 18k white gold.

ZOE Engagement Ring: ethically-sourced champagne diamond and 14k yellow gold. 

DAVID Wedding Ring: Hand-carved custom shape in 18k yellow gold. 

SARAH Engagement Ring: ethically-sourced coral inlaid in 18k yellow gold.

LORI Engagement Ring: heirloom diamonds and 14k white gold.


Custom Designs

If you would like to commission an original piece please fill out the questionnaire located here. 

JESSE Pinkie Signet Ring: onyx and 18k gold.

JESSE Pinkie Signet Ring: onyx and 18k gold.

Custom pieces in silver, marble, and dalmatian stone.