Muraco Wolfe is an artist and jewellery designer focussed on creating wearable art objects. In her latest collection, she designs from the memories of her favourite childhood jewellery pieces and transforms them into ultra-feminine, fine collectables full of nostalgia.

Muraco's perspective on design could be interpreted as cold and concrete: make it wearable; make it universal; craft it with a meticulous eye. Whereas her art sensibilities are much more personal and abstract: take inspiration from everything and nothing; be serious in execution but lighthearted in concept; create with a love for that which is strangely beautiful to some and a rejection for that which is attractive to all. Muraco's pieces are the result of these rival sentiments forged and fused together through painstaking craftsmanship and a touch of alchemy.  

Muraco was born and raised on Galiano Island, a secluded sanctuary in the Pacific Northwest known for its artist population, strong indigenous roots, and mystic culture. She has a long history in the fine arts and has previously explored print media, installation, and painting. She has a Bachelor's Degree in Visual Art from UBC and a Diploma in Jewellery Art and Design from VCC. She currently works out of her studio in Vancouver, Canada.

~ by an observer